About Us

About Us

Heatena was founded by two friends who were concerned about the increasing amount of personal data being collected by companies and governments. They developed a security service that protects people’s privacy without compromising their anonymity.


Heatena LLC is committed to putting the privacy of our clients first. We take pride in the fact that we do not store or take any personal information from our clients, ensuring that your online activity remains completely anonymous and secure.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide universal access to online privacy. We strive to be the best free VPN in the industry by offering the same high-quality benefits as our paid VPN so that everyone can enjoy the freedom and security of an anonymous browsing experience.

Our Values

We value the trust and satisfaction of our clients above all else. That’s why we strive to provide a friendly user interface while maintaining top-notch security, anonymity, and integrity in our connection with our clients.